About Me

Everyone grows and evolves.  My journey brought me here.  It took a while to arrange my life so that I have time to explore my passions, but hey! I’m here to show you that it’s never too late!  It’s good for the soul to keep on learning, reaching, and getting out of your comfort zone.

Those who know me, know that I have a passion for cooking and entertaining.  I have always leaned towards natural remedies and believe they can be powerful in bringing us to a more natural state of being.  I feel like I have learned a lot through my own personal journey in healing myself from gastrointestinal issues, severe acid reflux, and hormonal imbalances.  Not only did I heal my physical self, but at the same time I felt stronger emotionally as well.  I learned something that my doctors never told me…it’s all connected!   Your physical state is a manifestation of your emotional state.  Get them all in rhythm and your body will heal itself!  That path led me to find the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I am now learning about nutrition, health and wellness from the ground up.  I am now able to coach people into incorporating more healthy foods and habits into their lives.  Small steps make a big impact! I love showing people that real food can be delicious and healing!   I also love going back to our roots and digging up recipes from long ago and making them current again.  Our ancestors used food as medicine, their gardens were their “farmacy” and I’m so excited to learn as much as I can about what we eat and how it affects our body.

I’m a mom to two beautiful boys who gave me the drive to explore a healthier lifestyle.  I was the mom bringing  in the tofu brownies and brown rice crispy treats to the school bake sale (to my kids’ horror)!  I’m a wife to a hungry husband who appreciated everything I put in front of him to eat no matter what it was.  This gave me the encouragement to let go and have fun with my cooking.  Somethings turned out good, and others, not so much!  Oh well!

Fast forward to now.  Both of my boys are in college.  The days of being a soccer mom are over and I have more time to dig deeper into what gives me fulfillment in this stage of my life.  Don’t know where this journey will take me, but I’m having a blast going back to school and learning about my passion, holistic nutrition and wellness!  I figured, if I’m going to stay up all night reading about it, I might as well go to school and get certified in it! I’ve amassed quite a bit of knowledge throughout the years, both practical life kind of stuff, and actual research that I found extremely interesting. Now I finally have a place to put it all!  It gives me life to be able to help someone by passing on information that can help them.  Whether it be an easier way to deal with cooking healthier weeknight meals, to building a stronger immunity for our children and keeping them as healthy as possible . . . I will be putting all that I know out there.  The more I grow, the more this outlet of mine will too.

Thank you sooo much for visiting my site!  Looking forward to growing with you all! xoxo